Muslim Political Council of India (MPCI) is a political pressure group and think tank of Indian Muslims formed in July 2001 in a national convention of Indian Muslims. Indian Muslim had played an important role in the world towards ummah affairs before Indian independence but after independence their role in global affairs diminished considerably due to various national reasons.

India got the trauma of partition with its independence and Indian Muslims bore the maximum burnt of this trauma and most elite, literate and socially influential Muslims migrated to Pakistan leaving behind poor, less educated and socially vulnerable classes of Muslims. This was major reason of this diminished role of Indian Muslims.

Furthermore, remaining Muslim leadership kept them away from political activity and most of major Indian Muslim organizations declared themselves as apolitical advising Muslims not to participate in the political process. As a result Muslim representation declined  in national governance and other day today political activities. 

Muslim were pushed to the wall and become a marginalized section without any say in the national affairs and become target by anti Islamic anti Muslim forces. Communal riots against them, discrimination on social front, educational institutions and denying them jobs has become an order of day pushing them further to a ghettoised position.

There is no effective political party headed by any Muslim and other Muslim organizations too did not heed to the demand of the hour despite of such an anti Muslim atmosphere.  Under this scenario and circumstance Dr Tasleem Ahmed Rehmani took the initiative to proved a political platform to Indian Muslim where they can be approach at grass root level particularly Muslim youth and provide them counselling as to how to behave in a secular democracy and how to involve in the national politics to increase their effective representation in legislation and other national and international affairs.

MPCI thus organize various seminar, conferences, public meetings, street meetings to apprise Indian Muslims particularly Muslim youth about the current happenings at national and international level and Muslim world as well.  MPCI intervene in the electoral process in the country during elections at various levels. And raise voice on every event happening or mishappening in the Muslim world.

MPCI believe in the unification of Ummah and revival of true and peaceful Islam n a democratic way denouncing all kind of terrorism at the name of Islam.  MPCI produce literature n the form of research papers, reports, strategy papers, Analytic views on various current affairs pertaining to Muslim world. It also publish a regular weekly newspaper “MISSION”in Urdu language to promote and propagate its aims objectives and ideology.