52 year old Dr Tasleem Ahmed Rehmani is the founder President of Muslim Political Council of India. Born in a poor family of Delhi he got a degree in medicine from New Delhi in 1987. He was involved in political activities since his early student life. He started his own medical practice in 1987 itself.


But left medical practice in 1997 after 10 year of practice to join full time socio political activities and created a charitable Turst by the name of Ar Rifah charitable Trust Regd in 1997 to carry out charitable medical activities for poor and needy people in far remote villages of India. He dedicated an ambulance for this purpose and reached about 40000 patients in a year for 10 years continuously. 


Trust is still active but with little activity due to his preoccupations in MPCI. He was involved in some Muslim organizations since 1998 itself and toured the whole country at the village to the people mainly Muslims in distress. He did relief work in floods, earthquakes, communal riots and other such natural calamities.


Dr Rehmani participated in many national and provincial elections to affect the Muslim voters. After assessing and analyzing the Muslims condition in the country and Muslim organizations apathy to their political needs he decided to launch Muslim Political council of India in 2001.


This was first registered political pressure groups of Indian Muslims formed after independence.  After inception he toured the whole country and visited about 70000 Indian villages where Muslims do live in each Indian state.


He is always coordinating with various Indian Muslim organizations like Jamiat e ulema Hind, Jamat e islami Hind, Jamiat Ahle Hadis etc in his quest to forge unity among Muslim ummah and work unitedly on issues pertaining to the community.


He is also a member of All India Muslim Majlis Mushwarat an umbrella Muslim organization and a consultative body of Indian Muslims.


He has also toured various Muslim countries and attended international conference on Palestine and other such Muslim issues in the Muslim world. He carried out first land carvan from Asia to Gaza started from New Delhi having a representation of 20 Asian countries.


He is a blunt and open orator on Islamic issues and politics and a writer, journalist with an open and fearless  pen, compiled many articles published in national and international journals and newspapers. He is also a media commentator and political analyst appearing on various national and international news channels across the world. He is also Chief Editor of MPCI weekly Urdu newspaper MISSION available on www.mpci.in


Dr Rehmani has dedicated whole his life for the cause of ummah across the globe and working tirelessly to achieve the goal of well knit Muslim organization in India and to create a united world forum of political and strategical studies organization and other such NGOs working across the world like an M-100. Besides he is also working to establish a university in India to impart religious and modern technical education under one roof.  His target of life is to create a full fledged media house for Indian Muslims in the times to come. Dr Tasleem Ahmed Rehmani can be contacted directly on