New Delhi

10th Oct 2015

Commenting on the expulsion of AAP Minister Asim Ali Khan for the corruption charges Dr Tasleem Ahmed Rehmani President Muslim political council of India said that this is the natural outcome of the ticket distribution criteria by the AAP leaders during last Assembly elections in Delhi.

They distributed tickets to those Muslims who were already involved in corrupt practices like   illegal land and building activities, unauthorized constructions and extorting money through cheatings having no connection with the community issues.  They never took part in any social or political activity pertaining to the public issues rather made huge money through such illegal anti people activities.  That’s why party has to face this embracing situation repeatedly. AAP govt. is the first Govt. in Delhi which has to expel 3 of its ministers within 7 months and 4 of its MLAs are languishing in jail while many other facing police enquires.


There are many Muslim political and social leaders who are literate, visionary and involved in many community and country issues and joined the party at its inception but they were denied tickets due to lack of money. Dr Rehmani send a written message to the Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, Manish sisodiya, Sanjay Singh, Kumar Vishwas and Ashutush appealing them not to induct any other such corrupt Muslim face just at the name of giving representation to Muslim. It is better not to induct any Muslim in the cabinet rather honest, literate, experienced Muslim can be accommodated in various boards, committees and commission to give representation to the community. Community feels ashamed of such incidences and shall not tolerate this repeated embracement.


Farah Shakeeb

Office secretary

Muslim Political council of India