12TH AUG 2006

Criticizing the role and policy of intelligence and security agencies involved in the investigations of Bombay bomb blast case Muslim Political Council of India (MPCI) said that police and other agencies are deliberately harassing the Muslim community all over India at the name of investigations. Dr T.A Rehmani, MPCI President said in Mumbai, other Maharashtra regions, Bihar, UP and West Bengal, police is detaining large number of poor and weaker Muslim youngsters, present them on media as culprits involved in Mumbai bomb blasts and then after 10-15 days silently release them as innocents. He said instead of conducting a sincere and impartial enquiry these agencies are working with a pre-determined mindset and with bias against Muslim community and still clueless about main culprits of the heinous crime.

Though various National Muslim organizations, Muslim MP’s and other secular groups has pointed all this to the Prime Minister and UPA Chairperson and they promised to them to check all these activities but nothing has been changed so far, instead now elite class Muslims like business tycoons, film makers and other such celebrities are being targeted by the police and are made to roam around police stations at the name of investigations which clearly indicates the biased and anti Muslim attitude of union Home Ministery. 

Dr Rehmani demanded immediate ouster of Union Home Minister Shiv Raj Patil for

his partial and anti secular attitude. He astonished as to how and why and to serve whose interests a man without popular mandate and has been given such an important portfolio? To instill confidence among Muslims, to conduct impartial investigations of Mumbai blasts and to book the real culprits and in the larger interest of the secular image of the present Union Govt., it is imperative to oust such a non-secular leader.








Dr.Hassan Kumaili

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