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Declaration: I am citizen of India. I am above 18 years . I have not been convicted of any offence involving moral aptitude. I have full faith in MPCI objective, vision and Ideology. I promise to endeavour whole heatedly and dedicatedly to carry out any assignment allocated to me from the Council for the furtherance of the cause of of community and country.I hereby consent for receiving any communication from the party either in writing, electronically and/or in any audio-visual format via phone (including SMS/MMS), email and/or at my address. The particulars and statements made above are correct to the best of my knowledge and nothing has been concealed or withheld.
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    Muslim Political Council of India (MPCI) is a political pressure group and think tank of Indian Muslims formed in July 2001 in a national convention of Indian Muslims. Indian Muslim had played an important role in the world towards ummah affairs before Indian independence but after independence their role in global affairs diminished considerably due to various national reasons. India got the trauma of partition with its independence and Indian Muslims bore the maximum burnt of this trauma and most elite, literate and socially influential Muslims migrated to Pakistan leaving behind poor, less educated and socially vulnerable classes of Muslims. This was major reason of this diminished role of Indian Muslims. 
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